B ible is the supreme standard by which all human conduct, creeds, and opinions shall be tried.

A utonomy of the local church as alone, is consistent with New Testament church policy.

P riesthood of believers as scripturally taught, right and privilege of every born-again believer.

T wo Ordinances — believers baptism by immersion after salvation and the regular observance of The Lord’s Table.  We accept only the Baptisms of Baptist Churches of like Faith and Doctrine, and Believe that the Lord’s Supper is strictly for the Membership of the Local New Testament Church.

I ndependence of church and state as a God-intended principle for every New Testament local church.

S eparation from the world, ecclesiasticism, modernism, and any other form of false doctrine. Present examples include The Social Gospel, New Evangelicalism, New Age Emergent church and any other such unscriptural, cooperative efforts.

T wo offices of Pastor and Deacon, those required and designated by the New Testament for the orderly functioning of the local church.

S ecurity of the believer’s salvation, as a precious scriptural promise given to every truly born-again believer.